The Straight Path Marketing Solutions

The Straight Path Marketing is a full service marketing agency offering services that directly answer your business marketing challenges. We offer solutions that are customized to your specific needs. With that said, we do tend to focus on the foundational marketing techniques that lead to having the correct content in front of the correct people. Services like, Straight Path Social Media, Straight Path Listings, and Straight Path Content Creation.

With these foundational solutions in place, it makes way for what we call structural advertising. The process of asking for business through different media sources built of the foundational marketing already in place.

We are here for you! The Straight Path Marketing was founded not as a huge money maker for us, but to be a blessing to small businesses right here in Northern Indiana. Our work is completely custom and can consist of a one-time project to a complete marketing strategy and management of your marketing budget. Please give us a call today and let's get things started for you!