Ad Agencies and What The Straight Path Marketing Does

What does a marketing agency do? Getting you back to the tasks you love!

Ad Agencies and What The Straight Path Marketing Does

Hey guys! Many of you have been asking what exactly it is a marketing agency does.

It’s neat hearing family and friends explaining what it is we do at The Straight Path Marketing.


Some explanations have been…

” advertising on Google…”

“post on your Facebook page for you”

“give advise on where your company should spend the advertising budget”


As all these comments are true, although it misses the larger point. Even though utilizing tools like Google and Facebook are among our preferred sources of media, our scope is much larger.

No Two Businesses are the same



No two business are alike, so presenting a “package” with pre-set advertising tools prepared to simply plug ABC Business’s name into it simply will not work.



We build custom advertising campaigns utilizing a number of local and national advertising tools to ask new customers to do business with your company.

Some tools that we use that may be included on our recommendations list after our first meeting may be:

Foundational Marketing Tools

  • Store Website
  • Merchandising
  • Online Content Generation ( Blogs – Landing Pages)
  • Online Search Listing Accuracy and Claiming
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Store Signage

Structural Advertising Tools

  • Traditional Media – Radio, Newspaper, Television, Billboard
  • Social Media Advertising – Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Digital Advertising – Google Search ( Search Engine Marketing ), Google Display ( Remarketing, GeoTargeting, Video )
  • Special Publications
  • Event Marketing – Burbio, Text Messaging, Google Events


Business owners are busy! That is a big part of why we founded The Straight Path Marketing.

get back to loving your job

We want to you to get back to what you love and back to the reasons you started your business!



So what does a marketing agency do and specifically what can The Straight Path Marketing do for you?

You know your business, your competition, your goals, and your challenges. We know marketing. Please allow us to use our knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals getting you back to the tasks within your business that you love!


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