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The Straight Path Marketing Offers Solutions for:

  • Social Media Managment

    In this Digital Age, Social Media is todays version word of mouth advertising except now you can influence your customers comments after they leave your store.
  • Online Business Listings

    Sites like Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and hundreds of others list ways for your customers to reach you. If these listing are incorrect, they will do business with your competition.
  • Content Building

    Content like videos, blogs, vlogs, and in-line pages placed on your website not only builds your companies trust as an authority in your industry, but it builds your online quality score, increasing your placement on listing sites like Google!





The Straight Path?

Because we are your neighbor! Living right here, locally. With a quick phone call, we can be there in your office helping you make your marketing dreams come to life.

We have been there! Working in this industry for over ten years, and in many different positions, we have seen all angles of the marketing process.

From business owner of two successful small businesses, as marketing director of a large five division business here in Kosciusko County, and even selling and executing broadcast radio and digital marketing solutions for one of the nations most prominent and innovative media companies.

With these attributes, you can rest assured that with The Straight Path Marketing, your advertising budget will be respected, and monitored closely ensuring that each campaign returns a profit and answers your key business challenges.    

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